Step Two

Follow this symbol and find explanations and answers to your questions

Beispiel: Erklären Were my answers correct?
Compare your answers to the explanations on this page and make yourself familiar with the grammatical terms. They offer orientation in the system of language (see below: "English tools")
Beispiel: Erklären > Typen How do I memorize "Typen" (types)?
In this section you learn how to differentiate between type one, type two and so on. Memorize these differences well. Go back to the topic-section and check your knowledge and performance again. And don't forget: Learn grammar in a context all the time, i.e. using the texts and charts in the "Thema" (topic)-section.
Terms / Vocabulary

What do the grammatical terms mean?
Certain grammatical terms are used in every "Erklären"(explanation)-section, but not more than necessary. Make yourself familiar with these grammatical terms. The following links offer help:

English tools: terms | Double-click