Step Three

Follow this symbol to interactive exercises and test your knowledge and your performance.
Beispiel: Üben

Practice interactively!
By using these exercises you can check your knowledge and performance on your own. Fill in the gaps and click on "Resultat". All teh correct solutions appear in green. Try to correct the mistakes (marked in red).

Write the solution into the gaps!
These exercises rquire you to write the missing element into the gap on your own (fill-in-exercises).

Beispiel: Üben > Drag&Drop-Übung Use the pointer to move the element into the gap
Move the pointer to the chosen element from the list above, click the left button of your mouse and hold it. Then move the element into the right gap (drag&drop-exercises).
Beispiel: Üben > Drucken Use the exercises in class (for teachers)
Print the exercies for your lessons. You can distribute the printouts to your students and thus check the selected grammar topics.
Beispiel: Üben > Kommentieren Do you want to participate (for teachers)?
Have you got ideas for further exercises? By following the link "Kommentieren" (comment), you can make exercises accessible for others.