Step One

Start by using this symbol in the text.
Discover grammar on your own.
Practise your view on grammar directly in a text.

Beispiel Markierungen

Where are red markers?
What do they mean?

Look at the text / texts carefully.
Which words are marked in black?
Which ones in red?
What do these markers signal?
Discover rules on your own.

Typen In how far are "Typ 1" (type one) and "Typ 2" (type two) etc. different?
At the "Thema" (topic) page different types are contrasted without further explanations. Try to find out what makes ghese types different.
Which headline would you attribute to the certain types?
Analyze Which answers can be given to the questions in the "Analysieren" (analyse) section?
In the "Analysieren" (analyse) section you will find some questions. These questions should draw the readers' attention to the grammar issue at hand. Try to answer these questions. The section "Terms" will offer explanations in more detail.
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